Share Your Stuff using Dropbox

DropboxNeed to get creative in order to share your files, videos, training and more?  Let me introduce you to dropbox. I’ve been using dropbox since they launched and I absolutely love the features it offers.  First, you can get Dropbox for free, they will give you 2GB of space at no charge.  If you need more space you have the option of purchasing more but better yet, you can get more space for yourself just for referring friends and colleagues.

Dropbox not only allows you to have access to your files from anywhere that you have access to a computer and internet, but you can also download the iPhone App (yes, there’s an app for that) that allows you the same access.  Dropbox also offers a download which will install a virtual drive on your laptop or PC that allows you to upload files to your Dropbox as easily as it is to save a file to your c:\.  Now that’s genius.

What else can you do with Dropbox you ask?  Well you can create a folder an share your stuff with people you choose to give access to the file.  this is great when you create training and are working virtually with your clients.  It’s a no fuss solution.  All you do is add your client’s email when sharing the folder and they will receive an invite with a link that will allow them to get access to the file you just shared.  Now has that for easy solutions.

Since I know that pictures and videos are worth their weight in gold, I’ve prepared a short video to show you how easy it is to use Dropbox – so get some popcorn!


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