Free PowerPoint to Movie Converters

Today I got a call from a colleague who wanted my recommendation for a Free application that would allow her to convert her PowerPoint to Flash or into a movie. I believe that we should all try different products and stick with the one that works best so I recommended she checkout two products: iSpring and Producer.

iSpring offers a FREE PowerPoint to Flash Converter. When downloaded and installed iSpring will add a tab to you PowerPoint. You can embed Youtube videos and convert your entire presentation to flash in a single .swf files.

Producer is a FREE Microsoft plugin BUT it only works with Office 2003.  If you work in a corporate office like I do, then they are probably behind on their software upgrades (we are). A nifty little tool that allows you to sync your audio with your slides and convert your presentation to a movie.

So these are my two recommendations for PowerPoint Plug-ins that will convert your presentation to flash or a movie.  If you try either one, post your review as a comment to this post.


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