New Technologies for Learning – ScreenScape

On a regular basis I like to checkout new and upcoming software and web based apps that promise to create a new way of doing old things. Today, an application called “ScreenScape” ( caught my eye.

ScreenScape is a digital signage app which will publish internal ads for a venue but also allows a venue to join a community and display others ads on their displays. ScreenScape also offers to option to have content publishers who do not monetize to display their content on the digital signage via several communities free of charge.

This got me to thinking. How can this application be used to deliver learning in unique settings. I truly believe in being in places people don’t expect you. For example, imaging having my Office 2010 demo content being displayed in a coffee shop where a user who is there with her laptop grabbing a cup of joe can see and hear my content directly on the coffee shops ScreenScape display. One word came to mind – AWESOME! What a great opportunity to gain a captive audience.

So I filled out an application to become a content producer. We’ll see if they share my vision and approve my application. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, checkout their site and let your imagination run.


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