Screenscape Follow-Up

Earlier this afternoon I checked my email to find that I had been approved as a content producer for  Now mind you that I’m trying to devise a plan to make this an elearning platform based on the whole concept of “being where they least expect you”.

I’ve registered for a webinar they will be hosting tomorrow titled, “Venue Networking 101: Social Networking Meets Display Adversting“.   I admit that I’m intrigued by the title and I’m hoping that it will help me develop a plan for ruling the World – I mean innovations in elearing. I’m fully aware that my content will be offered free of charge and I’m totally fine with that. Especially if I can get a few k-12 schools to pilot the technology, this would have been a great dissertation for me is I hadn’t coped out and gotten my MBA instead.

My plan it to produce some HD quality tutorials and post them to YouTube and have this be the content I stream on ScreenScape.  I hav ea list of topics I’m going to work on and I plan to re-do a few videos that are already on my Youtube Channel –

Once I post my first piece of content, I’ll be sure to share it here and I’d love to get some feedback.


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