Create Engaging Content using VideoScribe

Hi everyone! I’ve got a great new tool for you to add to your arsenal – it’s VideoScribe by Sparkol.

What is VideoScribe? It’s a tool that let’s you create video animations using still images. The learning curve for this tool is very low. If you can use PowerPoint and add images to PowerPoint, you can use VideoScribe.  It is NOT a PowerPoint plug-in, it’s stand-alone software that will allow you to put awe in the hearts of your stakeholders and engage your learners.

VideoScribe is available for both Mac and PC. 

VideoScribe provides an easy to use canvas, where you can add images and text.  Images and text that you add to the canvas will appear to be drawn by hand – that’s the animation part. You can play around with the animation timing to get the effect that you are looking for. The software comes with stock audio you can use to give your create some additional interest.

Sparkol offers a 7 day trial so you can test it out for yourself. Here’s a quick video that I put together using VideoScribe.


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