e-Learning Content Gathering

As an Instructional Designer, content gathering is one of the key tasks that must be completed in order to develop a module or course.  I’ve work on projects where I’ve had work with more than one SME to obtain the content.  I use to rely on my notes, email and phone recordings to gather content – if I was given a link or document many times I found myself digging in a number of places to find what I needed.

That is until someone shared a nifty Content Matrix with me.


The content matrix is an Excel file that I can use to plan out each module of my course and I can save content links and organize them by module.  This has been an extremely useful tool.  When I hand-off the completed course to my clients, I include this content matrix along with all the other assets {graphics, audio swf, videos, etc} that I’ve used to develop the course.

You can access and download my Content Matrix here —->  DOWNLOAD CONTENT MATRIX


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