The Magic of Wondershare

wondershareIt’s been a crazy few weeks, but I finally have time to share another great tool with you.  Today I’d like to introduce you to – Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter.

Wondershare gives you the ability to Convert, Copy, Burn or Download a video file.  It’s been a lifesaver for a few of my elearning courses – when clients can’t find or don’t have access to their original video source content or they send you files in wonky formats that won’t work with your elearning development software. (Remember, you should only download files you have been granted the rights to). 

I tend to use Wondershare to convert video file formats.  Lately, my clients have been sending MKV files which is one of Microsoft’s proprietary video file formats.  Wondershare converts these files to mp4 files like no one’s business.

The learning curve for Wondershare is very low.  When you download and install the software, you’ll notice that a little download link starts appearing over videos that you view on the web.


When you click that download icon, Wondershare will grab the URL for the video and attempt to download it.  Also you can copy and paste URL or drag and drop the URL onto the Wondershare app.


NOTE: There are times when a video can’t be downloaded – either because it is buried somewhere in a server or the video is locked.  In these cases you’ll have to work with your client on another solution.


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