Create an Interactive Youtube Video

Hey, it’s just me again!  Hope that you have been keeping up to date on my posts and digging for some nuggets of information on your own.  Anyways, I love reading and I enjoy sifting through interesting blogs.  I’m not only interested in elearning, I also love blogs where I can learn how to make or do something really cool.

Today, I was doing a bit of research on “INTERACTIVITY“.  As an instructional designer, I’m always looking for ways to up the anti for my course development.  In my search, I ran across a blog that made me stop, read and — you guessed it — Interact.  The blog is called Knewton Blog and the post that made me stop in boots was ” How to Make and Interactive Lesson Using Youtube

The concept was simple and made me think – Why didn’t I think of that….

I’ve included their Youtube Video below.  Basically what they’ve done is create one video that serves as a menu, where the learner chooses a topic right within the video.  When they click, they are taken to another video that presents a GMAT question (yes, the dreaded GMAT – never want to do that again).  Then they employee a scaffolding technique which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Enough of my blather – check it out for yourself.


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