How to Easily Expand Your Adobe Captivate Color Swatches

In my last post, I shared how to easily extract images from a PowerPoint storyboard given to you for use in Captivate course development. This is one way to ensure you follow a client’s branding guidelines. We all know the importance of making sure we use a client’s branding guidelines when it comes to creating training content.  This includes fonts, layouts, graphics, and colors.

Today, I have another neat tip to help you ensure you also use their branding colors.

Did you know that you can easily grab outside colors and bring them into Captivate while your are developing?

It’s really easy and a complete lifesaver.  You don’t need hex or rgb color codes, all you need is the Eye Dropper Tool in Captivate.  Here’s how you do it:

  1. Select the color picker in the Properties pane and
  2. Select the color window and then select the Eye Drop Tool (I call it the “color picker”).
  3. Drag the color picker to either an open website, open PowerPoint deck, or the client’s branding guide if they have color swatches available.

You can literally pick a color from any other item outside of Captivate, you’ll see the color swatch window change as you hover your mouse over different colors on your screen.

Check out my video below to see a quick demo:


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